Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Get Creative/Playful Activity from Reihaneh

 Reihaneh has been working extremely hard to complete this PE activity at home during the lockdown. She even got her Mom involved which made it more fun.

 Get Creative/ Playful

Large Loose part game:-

Find as much junk as you can around your house.                                        

Can you make a game out of it?

- I didn’t make a game.

Can you build something with it?

- Yes, I made pencil holders.


Take a photo of your creation and share it with your teacher.

Obstacle course:

Invent an obstacle course for yourself and your family. Either inside or outside and complete it.

Tip: include under, over, around, jump, and through objects.

Here is some inspiration - Obstacle Course

- Question:

What did you learn from this process?

- I need to be faster to finish the obstacle.

What would you do next time?

- Make a longer obstacle.

Create a Hallway Laser field:

Use toilet paper and sellotape to create a maze for yourself and your family to crawl through.

Click here for an example



How fast can you go through your course?

- I made it in 15 seconds.

Can you do the course with one eye or both eyes closed?

- I did it 1 eye closed.

Can you do it (safely) with only one arm or one leg?

- I did it without 1 arm.

My week of lockdown PE - reflection

  1. Which activity was the most fun this week and why?

     - The most fun activity was making junk into something. I like it because I and my mom painted it.

  1. What was the most challenging activity you did this week? Why?

- It was the maze on the wall because it was hard to make.

  1. How have you felt during this lockdown week? Happy? Sad?

- I feel normal and sad because I don't get to see the school.

  1. This week some activities were on your own and some were with other people.- I did the activities with my mom and when we did the maze inside my dad broke it because he wanted to go through but I did all the work on time.

Task: Complete the following questions in the table.

Write Write down 1 thing that is fun about doing PE on your own.

- - The fun thing was doing the activities

Write down 1 thing that is fun about doing PE with others.

- Making the stuff with my mom.

Write down 1 thing that is not fun about doing PE on your own.

- Getting tired

Write down 1 thing that is not fun about doing PE with others.

- My brothers laughed at me because the challenge was hard, especially the maze challenge.

Monday, 24 August 2020

What are viruses? by Reihaneh


A virus is a tiny deadly sickness that can spread around a country or around the world.Viruses can cause diseases in humans,such as colds, measles, cough,and flu. A virus can spread by coughing or sneezing.You could get the virus if you go around the world. Some viruses cannot be cured and some can. Most viruses can’t survive very long if they are not inside living things like a plant,animal,or person.Viruses need to be inside living cells to grow, replicate and reproduce. So whatever a virus lives in, is called “its host” Unfortunately, antibiotics don't work on viruses like they do on bacteria. Bacteria can reproduce outside of the body or within the body as they cause infections such as ear infections, sore throats, cavities and pneumonia.

To prevent the spreading of the virus such as coronavirus, you have to keep 1 to 2 meter apart from other people. Stay in your own bubble. Seek medical health if you are sick or if you have any of the virus symptoms like high fever, loss of smell, sore throat, cough and running nose. Wash your hands often, especially after using the bathroom. Use a mask to cover your face when you go outside in public places. Use the tissue to cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough then throw it in the rubbish bin. Use the Covid-19 tracer app to record or scan where you have travelled.