Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Manaiakalani Film by Room 6

New Zealand is a beautiful country and we should keep it clean. Make your promise today on how you will contribute to keep it clean.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Looking after our School Environment

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“I feel so tired being the only one cleaning this school I think I
want to resign,” said M our caretaker. He was very upset
because he has to wake up early everyday and he is always
very exhausted.“ We need to help Mike pick up the rubbish
because he is feeling very upset picking up the rubbish
all by himself” said Mrs. Sharma. So we all decided that
we would help Uncle M pick up rubbish in our school.
From now on every every morning before school starts we
would get our badges, our plastic bags, our gloves and then
we’d head  outside to pick up rubbish.

When Uncle M heard we were helping him pick up the rubbish
he was a bit shocked and happy that we were helping him.
Then one day one of our classmates gave Mr. M lollies and
a card with a wish to put a happy smile on his face and it did.
Uncle M was so happy that he does not want to resign anymore.

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Friday, 27 September 2019

Bike day at Tamaki

Bike Day :)

Today Mike Greerer real estate donated Tamaki Primary 25 new bikes. At 11:30 the Middle syndicate went to the bike shed and sat down. Mrs. Jalili discussed the rules to the entire syndicate, And room 6 were the first ones to leave and ride the bikes around. We put our helmets on and took off to the bike track. Room 5,7 and 8 went and did some activities which were making badges and customizing their own bikes. There was Milo and Cookies that we could eat if we ever got tired.

I first went on these amazing bikes that Mike Greerer real estate donated & I took it out for a little drive around our bike track. I had 3 laps around the entire track and I got worn out already. I went to the milo stand so I could take a little break. Meanwhile me and my friend (Metui) went and made ourselves some badges, That we had to customize using paper. George and Eh htoo were in charge of it and everybody was astonished at how they made it, ever so quickly and efficiently. Afterwards I went to the stands which were holding up some ribbons and decorations for the bikes. I stayed there for the rest of the day, and Mrs Sharma told everyone to get in line in room 6. We came back to class.

A big Thank you to the companies who donated us bikes.

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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Human Generator

Today my teacher Mrs. Sharma showed my class and I a generator. It is called a
“Human Generator”. Everyone got a turn to try it out and my job was to take pictures.
The Generator is connected to a little machine with 2 bulbs which are the Normal bulb and an
LED bulb. We realized that LED lights are better than Normal lights because LED lights
take only a little bit of energy but Normal lights take lots of energy to light up. I also
realized that LED bulbs are brighter than the normal bulb. By doing this experiment we
now know that we can save energy. By saving energy we can save a lot money too.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Rain Forests

The rainforest is made up of 4 different layers.

The first layer is the emergent layer, the emergent layer
is the top layer of the rainforest, only a few animals live
there, This layer is hot, wet, windy .

The second layer is the canopy layer, the canopy layer is
beneath the emergent layer. The canopy layer is home
to most of the animals and plants of the rainforest.

The third layer is the understory, the understory layer is
located under the canopy layer. This layer doesn’t get
much sunlight. It is dark and humid, the understory layer
is home to smaller animals and some larger animals use
the understory layer for hunting.

The last layer is the forest floor layer, the forest floor is
dark, humid and hot. Only 5% of sunlight reaches the
forest floor. Jaguars, Scorpions and Anteaters are some
of the animals that live on the forest floor.
By - Christine