Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Practicing Peaceful Play

 Our Film is a song about Practicing peaceful play. This film aims to encourage children to play peacefully because playing is all about having fun and fitness. We have composed this song ourselves and hope you enjoy it.

Friday, 23 October 2015


Today Room 5 made terrariums. It's like a little garden in a jar that you can keep inside the house. It is easy to look after a terrarium because succulents do not need lots of spray. They like to get sprayed once or twice a week. Our terrariums remind us of the beach because it is made up of sand, shells, tiny rocks and lots of moss. It could also be a lovely home for a pet beetle or a spider... if you fancy.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Making Rockets at School

Today Room 5 made amazing straw rockets as a part of our Big Reveal for our topic 'Planet Earth and Beyond'. First we coloured our rockets. We had to colour them really bright so that we could spot our rockets amongst the several others flying. It was great fun. Please visit this blog again to see how to make straw rockets which will be posted soon.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Visit to the Marae

Yesterday, Kia Toa Team went to Ruapotaka Marae. It was an enriching experience for our students.
We learnt a lot about the history of Panmure, Glen Innes and Mt. Wellington. We also learnt the importance of Harakeke and how to make flax flowers. Older girls learnt skills like sewing. It was a great experience to participate in Powhiri. The best bit was when our students captured the attention of the locals through their wonderful singing.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Tongan language week

Celebrating Tongan Language week within our Team was a great experience. All my students enjoyed participating in it. We learnt how to sing and greet and count in Tongan. It was a very rich experience, Thanks to Mrs. Tafea who is a Tongan and could easily translate everything for us in Tongan and then in English again. It was great to see Tongan Parents cooking and participating with us on our Friday shared Tongan lunch. Celebrating cultures is always a great way to get people together and this could not be felt less where our Tongan students and parents were freely talking in their mother tongue. Lots of laughter, food, songs, Tuavala, pictures and language learning for us.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Reading Maps

This week Room 5 has been learning to read maps for Geometry. We learnt what X axis and Y axis were and why it was important to have a grid in order to locate the correct address of an object on the grid. First we drew our maps on paper and then used google drawing to make one of our own. All children enjoyed making their maps and had a good understanding about reading maps. Below is an example of one made by Coralee.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Whole school Boot camp: By Levi

On Tuesday the 21st of July,2015 My school had a whole school boot camp. After Morning tea my teacher Mrs.Sharma told my class to wait for her on the Blue Benches.

When Mrs. Sharma finally came outside she told us to line up in our teams Benghazi, Tripoli,Alamein and Tobruk. After we were arranged into our teams other classes came out.We were told to sit in our teams on the dots outside the office.Miss Kyla told us what we were doing and new our school topic “Practicing peaceful play”. We had to do Burpees, lunges, sit ups, skipping, high knees, push ups, squats, medicine balls, jogging, hula hoops, bunny hops and star jumps. I found the sit ups a bit hard  but it was fun!. My favorite activity was the Medicine balls because we had to run with the medicine ball and back, it was really heavy. It was a sizzling hot. When we were finished doing the boot camp we had to go back to the dots in our teams and listen to Miss Kyla.

The person that helped me the most was a girl in my school called Raena. She helped me with the sit ups and told me how to do the things that I did not know how to do.

I felt surprised,dehydrated,hungry and exhausted. It was so fun and I hope we do it again. I had a great day the sun was shining like a diamond in the sky.
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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bikes in School

1431055546529.jpg  On the first day of term two I came to school and all I saw was a large bike track.. “ WOW “   I said as I saw people riding on their own bike. 3 weeks later I saw a big truck carrying LARGE DARK BLUE container when the truck had passed Mrs. Fepuleai came in and announced that our school is going to have their own bikes “yay” I said in my head. 5 week later at lunchtime these 2 men came to our school in a big van with a big trailer filled with bikes. When they opened the trailer there were thousands of bike blue bike and small bikes with training wheels for the little ones in room 1,2 and there was even adult bikes for teachers. I was sooo AMAZED when all the bikes were in the shed. Mrs. Kelly realized that there was still some spaces so she went to this room filled with computers and And...BIKES.  There were pink ones and green ones. The next day at lunchtime teachers were riding bikes it looked  really really FUN!!.  Later in the week, before morning tea we had a bike track opening ceremony;there were songs sung by the kapa haka group, speeches and  some kids got to ride a bike as well. It was FUN.

I am so HAPPY that my school’s got new bike track because now we can ride our bikes to school and ride on the bike track..

Friday, 24 April 2015

Milk in schools

Milk in Schools

             Milk in my School

Today Fonterra gave Tamaki free milk. Me and Rm 5 drank the milk. It was very nice.

Milk is important because it gives us energy and it is good for our bones.The milk helps us to learn and it provides calcium to our bodies. It helps our brain to function better.  
We should drink milk everyday. If we do not drink milk then our bones will become brittle.

Fonterra milk is very yummy. It tasted like butter. Milk is important for your body. Drink milk everyday. 
By: Hevani


Thursday, 23 April 2015


ANZAC is a National day of remembrance for the soldiers that went to world war 1 and died at Gallipoli.
ANZAC stands for Australia, New Zealand, Army, Corps.
ANZAC is celebrated every year on 25th of April.
The ANZACs lost because the Turkish kept on shooting the soldiers while they were climbing up the mountains.
Many of ANZAC soldier fought for about 8 mounth.
2,779 soldiers got killed from New Zealand and over 4000 soldier got wounded.
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Vincent Nepe

Why do have ANZAC Day?

                 ANZAC Day

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Anzac day is a remembrance when the soldiers went to war and fought against the Turkish troops.The turkish troop were on the top and they were hiding behind the mountains.The ANZAC soldiers were down and it was easy for the  Turkish to shoot them.The war happened on the 25th of April,1915.

ANZAC stands for  A-Australian

When they went to war,  2,779 died and over 4,000 soldiers got wounded.
They lived in the war field for 8 long months and after 8 long months they came back because they lost the war.  

By: Hevani

Tribute to Australian, New Zealand, Army Corps

Tribute to Australian, New Zealand, Army Corps

Anzac day is a day like none of the days in the year.It is remembering the ones who fought for our country. I hope they are all good in heaven.

By: Troy Tuari


ANZAC day is the remembrance of the 2,779 soldiers who died in Gallipoli in World war 1.
Over 4,000 people were wounded so they did tangis at there Maraes  to commemorate them .

At war the the army only  ate beef and jam sandwiches  and anzac biscuits that were hard as rocks. They only ate those because  food supplies were inadequate.

Anzac day is celebrated  on the 25th of April every year.

By Edith

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Anzac is a National day when Australians and New Zealanders get together to commemorate the soldiers who went to war and were killed by the Turkish in Gallipoli.

The Troops that were assigned were used to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. It happened on April the 25th 1915 during World War 1.

The Troops had a terrible time because their campaign did not go as planned.

The Troops lived for 8 long months with Army biscuits (which were as hard as a rock), and tinned beef and jam they did not get to get proper food because their ship did not land on the beach safely or properly.

The Anzacs lost the war because the Turkish soldiers were on the higher ground hiding behind the mountains and the ANZACS were on the lower ground where the Turkish Troops could see them so when the ANZACS try and climb the mountain they will die
because the Turkish people shot the ANZACS from the higher ground.

2,779 New Zealand troops died and over 4,000 troops wounded.

Screenshot 2015-04-23 at 9.45.57 AM.png
By- Lydia

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Reading Skill: Prediction

This week Room 5 has been learning to make predictions about the story they read. As we were learning the skill we found out that predicting happens all the time when we are reading. We used the Y chart to make predictions and inferences about what happened before, after and during the story.  Students in Room 5 agreed that the exercise  helped them understand the story better as they they talked about what may happen next in the story. It also helped them to make connections with what they already know about the topic.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Penguin

Room 5 is learning to write poems on their favourite animal. Here are the poems by two groups. It was a big task to rhyme words and at the same time make sure that they made sense in a sentence. Enjoy reading our poems and please do not forget to leave a comment.

The Floppy Penguin

Wibble Wobble Penguin do not stop
Come out of the ice flip it all off.
Slippy Sloppy fish here it comes
Catch it hurry up before it runs.

Widdle woddle penguin glide into the sea
Dive deep in and and slide into a spree.

Chubby cheeky Penguin in the bush
Mind the little one don’t give it a push.

Slippy sloppy Penguin in the west
Looking so pretty in it’s nest.

By Lydia,Hevani,Edith,Arizona,Levi,Taonga,Stephany.   

The Shark

Dip, dive shark
Do not stop.
Come out of the sea,
Drip, drip drop.

Big, huge enormous,
Swimming in the sea.
Eating all the fish,
Your favourite dish.

By Rouruina, Madjik, Mason, Fine, Villiami, Paula

Our School

This Term we have been learning about team work in Kiwi Can. We got together in groups to make a poem. Our poem was about school. 

School is fun,
School is cool.
School is awesome with a swimming pool.

It helps me read,
And it helps me write.
It helps me get smart,
And Really bright.

The teachers are fantastic,
And friends are fun.
Net books are great,
But Kiwi Can is Number one.

                                                       We Love you Mr. M and Latoia

Amon's first presentation on Vocabulary

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

All about Whales : By Edith

Types of whales

I read a story about a girl that was really crazy about whales. It was a  really cool story. So I got a little crazy about whales too. Here is a presentation about my research on Whales.

My Favourite Bird: By Taonga

Room 5 read a poem about Tui the bird. Then they went off to research facts about their favourite bird.
This is Taonga's first attempt to make a presentation. She has learnt how to make copy of a google presentation and to take screen shots to insert pictures in her presentation. Well done Taonga! Your presentation looks great!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Learning New Words

We are very new to net books. Today I shared my learning through a presentation.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Pool Picnic

Last week on Wednesday the 18th me and my school went for a pool picnic to the Panmure pools. That pool is one of my favourite pools because it has a hydro slide, a diving board, it also has a pool  for adults. It has crystal clear water, it is clean, and it is well looked after. You can go there on a hot summer day. It is just fabulous. My mum and dad go to the gym I get to go and have a swim. Its a place where I can go and chill that is why it is my favorite pools. Last of all it has a pool for children.

When I was there, I could hear kids having  fun. I was sitting in a corner listening to the water trickling down into the pools. I could also hear kids screaming and teachers shouting. I could also hear kids splashing around.  It was so loud that I had to cover my ears but it  just got louder.

I felt like the pool was  just about big enough for the whole school to fit in. I also felt excited and fantastic when I played in the fountain. I had fun swimming with my friends. When  the sun came out it shield my eyes. The waves also followed me  around and tossed me about. When I got out of the pool I started to shiver  because It was cold.

I had a Fantastic day and I cant wait  to come  again with my family.

By: Lydia

My recount of Pool Picnic Day

My recount of Pool Picnic Day

One day my school went to a school picnic day at Panmure pools.First we went on the bus and I nearly fell asleep but when we got there I woke up. Then we got off the bus. We went inside and changed from our school uniform to our togs. After that we went swimming and all the people that had payed $3 extra got to go on the hydro slide. After that we had lunch.The people had a small pool for children and a big pool for bigger kids. After lunch we had free time and I went on the hydro slide. The water was so clear and so clean that I could see the floor. In the hydro slide I could hear screaming and a lot of echoes. Sometimes I sat in a corner and I could hear kids having fun and the water trickling and people laughing because they said jokes and they were funny. The pool was big enough for Tamaki Primary. The sun was hot and I shield my eyes. When the sun came into my eyes. I screamed at the top of my voice when I was in the hydro slide. Some of my friends got hurt from the hydro slide. I enjoyed my day.
By Soane Fifita