Thursday, 19 March 2015

Reading Skill: Prediction

This week Room 5 has been learning to make predictions about the story they read. As we were learning the skill we found out that predicting happens all the time when we are reading. We used the Y chart to make predictions and inferences about what happened before, after and during the story.  Students in Room 5 agreed that the exercise  helped them understand the story better as they they talked about what may happen next in the story. It also helped them to make connections with what they already know about the topic.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Penguin

Room 5 is learning to write poems on their favourite animal. Here are the poems by two groups. It was a big task to rhyme words and at the same time make sure that they made sense in a sentence. Enjoy reading our poems and please do not forget to leave a comment.

The Floppy Penguin

Wibble Wobble Penguin do not stop
Come out of the ice flip it all off.
Slippy Sloppy fish here it comes
Catch it hurry up before it runs.

Widdle woddle penguin glide into the sea
Dive deep in and and slide into a spree.

Chubby cheeky Penguin in the bush
Mind the little one don’t give it a push.

Slippy sloppy Penguin in the west
Looking so pretty in it’s nest.

By Lydia,Hevani,Edith,Arizona,Levi,Taonga,Stephany.   

The Shark

Dip, dive shark
Do not stop.
Come out of the sea,
Drip, drip drop.

Big, huge enormous,
Swimming in the sea.
Eating all the fish,
Your favourite dish.

By Rouruina, Madjik, Mason, Fine, Villiami, Paula

Our School

This Term we have been learning about team work in Kiwi Can. We got together in groups to make a poem. Our poem was about school. 

School is fun,
School is cool.
School is awesome with a swimming pool.

It helps me read,
And it helps me write.
It helps me get smart,
And Really bright.

The teachers are fantastic,
And friends are fun.
Net books are great,
But Kiwi Can is Number one.

                                                       We Love you Mr. M and Latoia

Amon's first presentation on Vocabulary

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

All about Whales : By Edith

Types of whales

I read a story about a girl that was really crazy about whales. It was a  really cool story. So I got a little crazy about whales too. Here is a presentation about my research on Whales.

My Favourite Bird: By Taonga

Room 5 read a poem about Tui the bird. Then they went off to research facts about their favourite bird.
This is Taonga's first attempt to make a presentation. She has learnt how to make copy of a google presentation and to take screen shots to insert pictures in her presentation. Well done Taonga! Your presentation looks great!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Learning New Words

We are very new to net books. Today I shared my learning through a presentation.