Thursday, 26 February 2015

Pool Picnic

Last week on Wednesday the 18th me and my school went for a pool picnic to the Panmure pools. That pool is one of my favourite pools because it has a hydro slide, a diving board, it also has a pool  for adults. It has crystal clear water, it is clean, and it is well looked after. You can go there on a hot summer day. It is just fabulous. My mum and dad go to the gym I get to go and have a swim. Its a place where I can go and chill that is why it is my favorite pools. Last of all it has a pool for children.

When I was there, I could hear kids having  fun. I was sitting in a corner listening to the water trickling down into the pools. I could also hear kids screaming and teachers shouting. I could also hear kids splashing around.  It was so loud that I had to cover my ears but it  just got louder.

I felt like the pool was  just about big enough for the whole school to fit in. I also felt excited and fantastic when I played in the fountain. I had fun swimming with my friends. When  the sun came out it shield my eyes. The waves also followed me  around and tossed me about. When I got out of the pool I started to shiver  because It was cold.

I had a Fantastic day and I cant wait  to come  again with my family.

By: Lydia


  1. I like how lydia put powerful words in her story and use smiles in her writing, Make sure you put postive words in your writing, And think of the that you can say when you do your recording.

  2. Hi room 6.What an awesome recount Lydia.You really thought about what you wanted to write down.Keep up the great work.

  3. Hay Lydia
    I like the way you used lots of interesting word to describe what your talking about and I really like the way you use lots of detail in your story

    from: Levi and Stephney