Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Our School

This Term we have been learning about team work in Kiwi Can. We got together in groups to make a poem. Our poem was about school. 

School is fun,
School is cool.
School is awesome with a swimming pool.

It helps me read,
And it helps me write.
It helps me get smart,
And Really bright.

The teachers are fantastic,
And friends are fun.
Net books are great,
But Kiwi Can is Number one.

                                                       We Love you Mr. M and Latoia


  1. Wow in so amazed about this poem i like the way you love Kiwi can
    I hope you are smart and bright in you class room and Keep it up

  2. Hi room 5
    That is cool rhyming room 5 that is so cool and I hope you had heaps of fun room 5 at kiwi can and enjoy it room 5.

    I remember when i did a poem and it didn't make scent.

    That is cool rhyming room 5 awesome.