Monday, 7 September 2015

Tongan language week

Celebrating Tongan Language week within our Team was a great experience. All my students enjoyed participating in it. We learnt how to sing and greet and count in Tongan. It was a very rich experience, Thanks to Mrs. Tafea who is a Tongan and could easily translate everything for us in Tongan and then in English again. It was great to see Tongan Parents cooking and participating with us on our Friday shared Tongan lunch. Celebrating cultures is always a great way to get people together and this could not be felt less where our Tongan students and parents were freely talking in their mother tongue. Lots of laughter, food, songs, Tuavala, pictures and language learning for us.

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  1. Hi room 5 and 4,
    I like the way you celebrated Tongan language week and had Tongan food to.
    I also like the way you painted different on Tongan day.