Monday, 30 April 2018

A Family book

Today I got  got a book that was made by a 96 year old grandmother when she was a young mum to her three children. The reason why I wanted to share this book with my class because it was a example of a book tat never got published but was extremely valuable for the family. Here is what Dyzon and Christine had to say about the book.

 Our quiet time book
               By Janet

Today we looked into a unique book called
our quiet time book by Janet.
She made it out of clothe and she
made it when she was young.
She made it for her children to learn skills,
like numbers, spelling, colours and buttoning.
The reason why Mrs.Sharma showed
this to us because
even though books are not
published it’s still a valuable book.
The book was very old it lasted for
almost 80 years. It was inspiring for me
because now I would like to make a book
which will be similar.
By - Christine

Today Mrs Sharma showed us a book written by Janet
called our quiet time book.The reason why Mrs Sharma
read it to us is because even though books don’t get
published they are valuable books.When Mrs Sharma
read  it to us I was so astonished to hear a book with
inspiration.The book is so unique because a mother
I liked the book because it taught skills like buttoning up and
tying shoe laces.
By Dyzon

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