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ANZAC day is the remembrance of the 2,779 soldiers who died in Gallipoli in World war 1.
Over 4,000 people were wounded so they did tangis at there Maraes  to commemorate them .

At war the the army only  ate beef and jam sandwiches  and anzac biscuits that were hard as rocks. They only ate those because  food supplies were inadequate.

Anzac day is celebrated  on the 25th of April every year.

By Edith

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Anzac is a National day when Australians and New Zealanders get together to commemorate the soldiers who went to war and were killed by the Turkish in Gallipoli.

The Troops that were assigned were used to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. It happened on April the 25th 1915 during World War 1.

The Troops had a terrible time because their campaign did not go as planned.

The Troops lived for 8 long months with Army biscuits (which were as hard as a rock), and tinned beef and jam they did not get to get proper food because their ship did not land on the beach safely or properly.

The Anzacs lost the war because the Turkish soldiers were on the higher ground hiding behind the mountains and the ANZACS were on the lower ground where the Turkish Troops could see them so when the ANZACS try and climb the mountain they will die
because the Turkish people shot the ANZACS from the higher ground.

2,779 New Zealand troops died and over 4,000 troops wounded.

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By- Lydia

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