Friday, 24 April 2015

Milk in Schools

             Milk in my School

Today Fonterra gave Tamaki free milk. Me and Rm 5 drank the milk. It was very nice.

Milk is important because it gives us energy and it is good for our bones.The milk helps us to learn and it provides calcium to our bodies. It helps our brain to function better.  
We should drink milk everyday. If we do not drink milk then our bones will become brittle.

Fonterra milk is very yummy. It tasted like butter. Milk is important for your body. Drink milk everyday. 
By: Hevani


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  1. WOW hevani you have amazing skills in writing and I like the way that you have wrote positive things about the fonterra company who give us milk.You also have wrote heaps of words and you have wrote paragraphs in your story and you are amazing.