Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My best Day Ever - By Jarrod

On one bright sunny day just one day before my birthday it was september the 15th. I asked her “Where are we going ?” “Just wait until we get there”.We cleaned the whole house. We went on 11 o'clock so  we could be with the best players in our rugby team. It was only me ,Coop,Maddie,Rawiri and Clation.The other players couldn’t come because they didn’t work hard like us. We put in all our sweat and blood and won the game.

Rawiri got the player of the year I got the best defender I forgot what my friends got a trophy for.We went to rainbow ends I was so excited actually, I was over excited I was so pumped up. I was looking for Rawiri because but he had gone early. I only went on a few to rides. Then it started to rain we quickly went on one more.We got into the car to go home we had a little rest. Then I asked if I could go to my friend to play for a while. Thats where the day had finished. I think it was the best day ever till now

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  1. Hi,jarrod i like the way you were saying that you had the best day every and i like the way you were explaining who was your friend and what you did with you best friend i like your work keep it up.